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Halal hair care brands have always been in high demand because natural ingredients impart color, unlike their traditional counterparts. Along with hair colors, right now, halal shampoos and hair conditioners are leading the growth in the halal hair care market. It is likely to expand by around 6.2% from 2022 to 2032. Other products like massage creams and halal hair oils are also slowly gaining popularity among the Muslim consumer.

Why do we need halal hair care products:

Traditional hair care products, especially hair coloring products, use harmful chemicals like ammonia and paraben in their ingredients. These are not only harmful to the hair in the long run but also cannot be considered halal. Many products also include animal derivatives which again raises questions about their usage.

In the last few years, we have seen an increase in the working population of women in Islamic countries, which has led to an increased purchasing power among them.

The whole halal care market launches products that suit the demands of this growing working population.

These women invest in personal care products and self-grooming without compromising their religious beliefs.

A rise in awareness of such women regarding ingredients used in traditional hair care products has led to an exponential rise in the halal hair care industry.

And as these products are organic, naturally free from harmful chemicals, there is a massive demand for them among women of other faiths.

Some halal hair care products

are exclusively designed to cater to the hair care needs of hijabi women. The traditional market has no products for working women who wear hijab for 5-8 hours daily.

The halal hair care market is a tailored solution to the everyday hair care struggles of hijabi women.

Are Halal hair care products expensive?

Yes, they are a bit pricey when compared to their non-halal counterparts, and this might hamper their exponential growth in the long run.

But who said anything good is cheap? We all know if we need something valuable, we need to pay the price for it. But aren’t we women worth spending some quality products on ourselves?

So, here’s a list of the top 5 approved halal hair care brands that are amazing.

1. Aura Hijab:

This Singapore-based personal care brand began by focussing on the hair care demands of hijabi women. It received a phenomenal response for its halal hair shampoos and conditioner, which were especially to meet the demand of the hijabi women.

Its scented shampoos and conditioners have a very high demand in the market. The shampoos range from ones suitable for oily, damaged, and smelly to thin hair. They have a fantastic range of conditioners as well as treatment serums.

If you are troubled by hair fall because of wearing a hijab for a long time, these products are worth trying.

2. Iba cosmetics:

Iba is one brand in the halal personal care market that has been growing consistently in South Asia. When launched, it was one of a kind cosmetic company that provided halal-certified, vegan, natural beauty, and personal care products. They are halal certified and do not use the common animal ingredients used in traditional cosmetics. They believe in proving pure beauty without impurity.

Along with a wide range of cosmetics, they also have a fantastic range of halal hair care products, including combos of shampoos and conditioners. The shampoos are available in wide varieties like the black seed and plant keratin shampoo.

Hiba’s most widely used halal hair care product is its hair dyes.

These are free from harmful chemicals and use halal-certified ingredients that give a unique natural color to your hair.

Image Credit : iba Cosmetics

3. Lafz:

Another personal care brand that is emerging in the market is Lafz. Lafz is a highly culture-conscious and trustworthy brand that utilizes the beauty secrets of ancient Egyptians. All their products are halal certified, free from harmful chemicals, animal derivatives, paraben, and alcohol.

They strongly believe in helping the community lead a modern life without compromising one’s beliefs. They believe a conscious and responsible halal way of life is possible in this era.

They have been certified as halal worldwide by the foremost authorities in different countries. This brand dramatically focuses on the needs of the Muslim consumer.

Their halal hair care products include hair oils, serums, shampoos, and dyes.

They have a pretty good range of different types of hair oils. The hair dyes contain natural halal-certified ingredients and are free from harmful colors.


Image Credit : Lafz

4. Madina herbal products:

Madina herbal product is a local brand that provides herbal halal-based products. Most ingredients used in their products are entirely herbal and obtained from nature.

Madina herbal products provide both products for hair care as well as skincare. Besides shampoos and conditioners, they also have a hair tonic that helps nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

The products are available on Alhannah.com. They provide easy shipping of their products anywhere around the world.

Image Credit : Madina Herbal Products

5. Dr. Talats herbal products:

These are an Unani cosmetic range of products. Some of these are available for international shipping. Among their most popular hair care products are a variety of hair oils, shampoos, hair serums, and packs. These hair care products are not only natural but also have a great degree of medicinal value and are known to cure ailments of the scalp and hair.

All these products are made from halal ingredients from natural sources under the supervision of Dr. Talat Salim. He is one of the most prominent hair and skin specialist in South India.

These can be purchased internationally in the Islamic shop. Their dream care range of natural shampoos and oils is one to look forward to, for their excellent reviews.

Image Credit : Dr Talat’s Herbal Products


You don’t always have to compromise your faith while investing in personal care. What’s essential is being aware and cautious of every little thing you include in your life.

Opting halal lifestyle is a way of life lived naturally pure to your soul and seeking acceptance from Allah.

Finding halal products to meet your religious requirements is not an issue in a world where distance and boundaries are slowly diminishing.

You can check the impressive list of halal cosmetics too.

Do give these products a try and see the difference yourself.