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During the past year, we mothers had to play so many roles. With everyone at home, we had to multi-task at every level. And all this has indeed taken a toll on our health. The pandemic has shown us how important it is to take time out and look after our health. We all value our health more than ever. Women today are excited to get into the gym and take control of their health conditions.

But is it that easy for Muslim women? With crop tops and mesh yoga pants mostly the only solution for activewear, can we Muslim women find ourselves some “appropriate” workout clothes that won’t challenge our religious and cultural beliefs?

modest activewear
Image Credit : Cottonbro

Well, that won’t be the case from now on, as modest activewear is becoming a massive market with notable brands jumping into it. So, my dear sisters, fret no more and get the gym membership you have been putting off for so long. Here we bring to you budget-friendly yet stylish top 10 modest activewear brands that are readily available online and are budget-friendly. But before we dig into these top 10, let’s understand what modest activewear truly is and what market potential does it hold?

What is modest activewear?

It’s a brand-new sector in the sports industry that aims to fulfill the needs of those women who are not comfortable showing their skin either as a preference or out of their religious beliefs, like the Muslim women.

Including modest activewear in the fashion world has given Muslim women an opportunity to enjoy activities like swimming and exercising, which they usually would have avoided because of a lack of comfortable clothing.

What is included in the modest active line of clothes?

Any long, loosely fit tops that offer full coverage, sports hijabs, bottoms that are not body hugging, turbans, all can come under this category of modest active clothes.

The future potential of modest activewear in the fashion industry.

According to the Annual state of the global Islamic economy, the spending of a Muslim consumer in this sector is expected to reach 311 billion dollars by 2024. Modest activewear is just not designed for Muslim women. Still, it is fast becoming a style choice for any woman who feels comfortable working out in loose clothes that are made for all body types.

Women today do not want to be restricted in achieving their potential or professional goals because of their ethnicity, culture, or religion. They want to be inspired to live their best life.

They need the fashion world to give them the right outfits to participate freely in sports, fitness, and leisure activities without feeling inadequately dressed.

Although modest activewear is a very new category, it is booming; it is growing 3 to 4 times faster than the modest fashion world. Thanks to the influencers, athletes, and models, the demand for modest activewear increased exponentially. British vogue took full advantage of this scenario and featured Somalia American model Halima Aden on its cover in 2018. It was the first time a woman wearing a hijab appeared on a magazine cover.

Big brands like Nike unveiled their first-ever full-coverage swimsuit in 2019, thus showing a way for other brands to jump into this category of modest activewear. And hence other established brands like Adidas, Amour, sweaty betty have taken steps to diversify their brands and include underrepresented groups.

1. Modanisa:

Modanisa’s line of clothes understands the needs of a modest woman. It is a one-stop fashion platform for all things modest. Be it dresses, abayas, tunics, jumpsuits, swimsuits, and yes, activewear, too. Modanisa has got you covered with everything modest and that to follow the latest fashion trends. You do not need to cover up or hide that high slit of the figure-hugging bottom.

Even the swimsuits are loose and made from a fabric that does cling to your skin.

The most striking fact about Modanisa is that they don’t have some big tank top and loose bottoms and call it modest activewear.

They have a separate line of clothes for walking, running, and yoga too.

These active wears are much cheaper than the branded ones and come in a wide variety of colors. Modanisa provides activewear tops, bottoms separately if one wants to choose accordingly. They also offer activewear suits for the ones who do not want to mix and match.

One that I would recommend is the crew neck track suit its fashionable and modest in every way.

Some of the tops and bottoms that I would greatly recommend are:

Saxe track suit top

Crew neck sweatpants

Check out the complete line of modest activewear on their official website.

2. East essence:

East essence is one of the largest online stores for modest clothing. Its headquarters are established in the U.S.A. Be its varied forms of Abayas, long-sleeved tunics, tops to lose bottoms. They have everything covered up for you. They provide dresses that are elegant, beautiful, feminine, and everything without compromising on modesty. Just like Modanisa, it has a massive collection of modest activewear hooded sportswear sets, jersey sportswear abaya, and much more. Apart from the sportswear sets, their side-stripped sportswear abayas are something to check out.

modest activewear
Image Credit : East Essence

It is made from polyester and spandex blend fabric. It is light for your everyday walking and exercise. Its not everywhere you find active wear abayas.

3. Fancy label:

It is Turkish Islamic clothing and home decor store. It is mainly in Calgary, Canada. But you also have an option to shop for their excellent products online, and they ship internationally. They provide one of the best collections of Abayas, Maxi dresses and have a fantastic range of luxury hijabs. Their activewear line of clothes has a lot of color variations than the other brands. If you are tired of seeing a lot of blue and black in your closet, do check out this V line track suit that comes in an amazing light pink and burgundy color. The V neckline provides good coverage, and the top extends up to the thighs.

4. Bella hijabs:

It is a family-owned and operated business launched in 2012. This store provides the latest trending, modest clothes, and hijabs. These are highly affordable, with the maximum range of just $40. And yes, they do ship internationally.

Check out my picks of activewear from Bella hijabs.

Attivo hooded workout top: I just love this olive-green hooded workout top, which is loose hooded which can function as a hijab and the fabric is breathable and quick drying. These go well with the Attivo modest active wear pants.

They do not offer complete activewear sets, but they give you the freedom to mix and match as you wish.

5. Veil garments:

Now, this brand is new in the modest industry. But this line of clothing is slowly bringing a revolution in workout gear and hijab for Muslim women. The first brand created the first-ever high-tech hijab that can easily adjust to the climate and make one feel cooler.

modest active wear
Image Credit : Veil

The cool, dry shawl is a unique, waterproof, sweat-wicking, low wrinkle, ultra-comfortable, and durable fabric. They might not have many options like other brands, but these are highly comfortable and breathable.

6. Dignitii:

Dignitii is an exclusive, modest activewear brand that primarily focuses on providing women with modest activewear apparel so they can choose fitness and health over their body image.

Its mission is to empower women to live healthier lives both physically and mentally. Dignity’s modest activewear apparel focuses on body shape to real fitness goals and feels strong from inside out.

Without compromising on quality, they use materials that are soft, extremely comfortable, and durable. They use high-end technology to design their fabrics. And this enhances breathability, odor resistance, fast-drying, sweat-wicking, and antibacterial properties. I loved the performance tech tops because of their unique features like the turtle’s neck for complete coverage. This tulip-shaped skirt allows a full range of movements. The fantastic quality of their products is the tuck-in design that prevents your back and or tummy uncovering while doing a headstand. No wonder this apparel was rated among the “All around most modest sportswear” by the stylist magazine.

 You can pair this up with tech loose pants and an active bamboo hijab; it’s one of the best hijabs you need to have while working out. It comprises Bamboo fabrics that have antibacterial properties. It is breathable, and girls, you will love this feature. It takes care of your hair and scalp; for the first time, someone thought of the damage our hair goes through because of the fabric of the hijab. Finally, this hijab stays in place so you can say bye to the many pins you poke in your skull every time you work out.

7. Thawrih:

This brand truly celebrates diversity and would love to cater to the needs of the less represented in the fashion world. These are made and designed in Canada and are proud employees of refugee newcomers. They use recycled fabric as their mission is to move towards a sustainable future by cleaning up the oceans. They have a fantastic range of evolutionary hijabs. The two-piece organic bamboo hijab stands out from the rest because of its excellent wicking ability, which makes it breathable and cool even in hot times. The fabric is amazingly soft and is organic; it is naturally hypoallergenic. It can easily be paired with the under the sea recycle long sleeve top that is not only designed for your everyday walk but also intense workouts.

modest activewear
Image Credit : Thawrih


A Muslim-owned and made-in-U.S.A product. Asiya specializes in providing comfortable and varied hijabs for athletes. They believe participation in sports is a way of keeping the body healthy and productive. In a healthy body lives a healthy mind. By providing a good range of modest activewear, they believe they are helping women gain confidence through their beliefs and not making it a barrier to their physical and mental health. Their hijabs are classified into 4 main types Asiya sport, Asiya lite, Asiya fit. The Asiya fit pearl limited edition is a must-have for anyone who would love to have a hijab that is comfortable while in the gym and at a coffee shop. It is made from a soft, lightweight fabric designed to be a bit longer in the front which is fashionable; it comes with a headband for a secure fit.

9. Nike:

Well, you got to appreciate Nike for the first global major brand to come out with workout apparel for Muslim women. They were the first ones to create a hijab for female Muslim athletes. They captured the attention of many Muslim women who had given up the dream to join sports as they had to compromise on their beliefs. With Nike taking this considerable step, other high-end brands followed suit.

Though expensive, the Nike pro hijab can opt for if you are a professional athlete. Easily you can use this hijab on a long-sleeved training top and loose-fit pants that are widely available in Nike.

modest activewear
Image Credit : Nike

10. Sukoon active:

At Sukoon active, they firmly believe that access to an active lifestyle is a universal right. By providing women the ability to be modest while working out, they hope to ensure women feel empowered and supported to explore their potential. Their range is innovative, inclusive of the needs of Muslim women. They use sustainable fabric for designing their apparel. The Hawa drawstring tee provides impressive coverage, the fitted sleeve and cuff with thumb holes add extra comfort. It is lightweight, and the drawstring provides maximum range while you move around. You can wear the t-shirt along with the Hawa hijab that is easy to use one-piece hijab. The fabric is feather-light, and it has an invisible pocket for compact storage.


As mothers, we hardly get time for ourselves. But as much as we need to give to others, we sometimes need to fill in our cup as well. Getting active and exercising will help us both with our physical and mental well-being.

While buying activewear, make sure you buy more than 2 or 3 of the apparel to make sure you don’t excuse the sweaty laundry for not working out.

So, moms, pull up those socks and get ready to work out because we got your back.