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No matter which part of the world we travel to, we Muslims search for the halal food brands around us. Unlike earlier, we have far more options today.

The global halal food market reached the U.S. $1,978 billion in 2021. We expect the end of 2027 to get a staggering amount of 3,907.7 billion U.S. $. The halal food market is widening its product portfolio and including a variety of food items.

Not only the products, but they are also expanding their distribution network to be available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and several online channels.

In this article, we bring you the top manufacturers of halal food products, which we believe you should know so that the next time you buy processed food, you do not need to research its certification. But before that, let’s understand what halal foods are and what some essential questions arise when we talk about halal foods.

What are halal foods?

Halal is an Arabic word that translates as “permissible” in English. In short, halal food is the food that is produced, manufactured, processed, stored, and follows Sharia law (Islamic law).

Halal-ready meals are slowly growing into a massive market in Britain and North America.

What is the importance of the concept of halal food?

Halal food is not only a Shariah requirement. It makes the food sustainable and hygienic, making it safe for consumption, thus making it readily acceptable to consumers concerned about food safety and health.

The term halal refers to more than just food and dietary items. But the concept is something a Muslim is supposed to live their life by. Also it is healthy. It covers lawful cleanliness, integrity, and self-restraint, even regarding the source of income and relationships.

What is halal certification, and who gives it?

Halal certification guarantees that the product is under Shariah law. Thus helping Muslims to consume such food without hesitation easily. Some of the organizations that provide halal certification in the U.S. and Canada are:

1. IFANCC ( Islamic food and nutrition council of Canada)

2.IFANCA (Islamic Food and nutrition council of America)

3.HMA (halal monitoring authority)

4.HFSAA (Halal food standards Alliance of America)

How do we identify halal products?

They often mark halal-certified products with a halal symbol or logo. Here is the list of organizations that will give you information regarding halal food products:



You can also get a complete list of the products from a book named

A comprehensive list of halal food products in the U.S. and Canadian supermarkets.

Here is our list of the top five halal food-producing brands that are readily available:

Zabiha halal:

Certified by the Canadian Halal food certifying agency and the International halal integrity alliance, Zabiha halal prides itself on being Canada’s number one halal food brand. It has served the community for the last 30 years. Zabiha has grown its list of products to meet its customers’ ever-increasing needs. From fresh meats to processed foods. All its products are available easily at your nearest grocery store.

It has been working hand in hand with the halal certifying bodies and community members so that only the best product reaches the consumer.

Halal Food Brands
Image Credit : Zabiha Halal

Saffron road:

Saffron Road is an American food brand. It brings together the world by deploying ethical consumerism through clean food.

Its products include amazing natural protein-based dinners and ready-to-eat meals that can be prepared as quickly as 60 sec but maintain their authentic flavor. They also provide fantastic simmer sauces.

Halal Food Brands


Cargill is one of the significant halal meat suppliers across the U.K. and overseas. They market their products all around the world. They work to nourish the world by providing the highest quality and highest integrity in their food products. They are also involved in animal health safety, animal safety, corporate responsibility, and employee safety too.

Cargill is Canada’s only large-scale halal facility that offers 100% halal quality beef. All the products from Cargill are halal and Kosher certified.

Halal Food Brands

Tahira foods:

Tahira food is a premier halal brand that you can find all over Western Europe. It is one of the oldest halal manufacturing units in Europe, established in 1994. We can see its products in the leading supermarket stores in the U.K., France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

They provide convenient, fast, and innovative products that can be easily used for any lunch, dinner, or snack. It is a perfect fit for the busy and modern Muslim community.

Its products include meat and ready-to-cook halal food products that are pretty convenient to prepare, and the best part being all the products are affordable and tasty for everyone to enjoy.

Halal Food Brands


It is one of the biggest food companies, with as high as 30 brands in its portfolio. Their primary purpose is to produce quality food through sustainable means. They provide excellent safety, integrity, and quality food products.

It had launched a new subsidiary called one food, billed as the world’s largest halal meat company. With around 15000 workforces, one food operates in about 40 countries across the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia.

Halal Food Brands
Image Credit : BRF Global


Unlike when finding a halal food option was difficult, nowadays, with such unique options available, it’s just a matter of thorough research.

The global halal market is growing at an exponential rate. Many top food companies are tapping this tremendous resource to push more halal products to gain consumers’ confidence. From bringing about quick and easily prepared food to providing processed food from different cuisines, these food companies have made it much easier to opt for halal food.