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There are 1.8B Muslim in the world. We have spent a year locked out in our homes because of the pandemic. All of us are craving to get out and have some outdoor fun. Mental health is also important. But while we want to venture also want to be highly cautious and aware of the pandemic as it is still creating a fury in some parts of the world.

Apart from the pandemic, the biggest concern we Muslims have while venturing on a holiday is the fear of being discriminated against because of the way we look. We all would agree our choices of destinations, resorts all depend on our beliefs. In the name of fun and relaxation, we cannot compromise on our beliefs as Muslims.

Halal resorts are the answer to the many questions a Muslim Traveler might have while embarking on a holiday. These have become a growing trend in the tourism industry, just like the rise of modest fashion in the fashion world, the rise of halal food outlets in the food world. In this article, we bring to you 5 amazing halal-friendly resorts that will give a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. From Halal cuisine to non-alcoholic rooms and private pools for women, these halal resorts/hotels provide you a stress-free environment without compromising on your beliefs. These halal resorts provide you with the much-cherished halal holiday getaway after the pandemic.

What are halal resorts for Muslims?

Well, Halal resorts are the base of halal tourism. Halal tourism targets Muslims who want to take a break and let their hair down without compromising on their religious principles.

Halal tourism will have a huge leap in the coming years. It’s tourism that focuses on the needs of a Muslim traveler. Taking into consideration their diet, dress, and rituals.

Halal resorts help the Muslim traveler to relax and not worry about things that might challenge his religious beliefs.

A halal resort basically adheres to Islamic values to have prayer facilities on their premises. Halal food, secluded woman’s area, alcohol-free zone. According to The Times in 2017, halal holidays are a booming market worth more than £100bn (around $125bn) a year: the market is expected to reach $274bn by 2023.

Are halal resorts a new concept? Is it the new trend in the tourism industry?

Muslim This isn’t the first time such resorts and hotels have popped up. In the middle east such resorts are highly popular and in demand as they provide amazing comfort, seclusion, and a place where Muslims can enjoy without the fear of discrimination and racism.

As, many of the middle east countries are opening their borders to foreign tourists. Many of the leading OIC countries like Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, Maldives, and Turkey are becoming hot spots for halal tourism. Not once to be left behind many non OIC countries too are providing an option to Muslim travelers. Like Singapore, Thailand etc.

Why are we seeing such an increase in halal tourism?

With an increasing middle class and women too opting to work, most Muslim families are opting for halal destinations. These are second and third-generation immigrants, who do not feel the need to visit relatives back home. These people want to explore new places and want to have new experiences.

Are these halal resorts expensive?

Halal holiday experience comes up with a price.

Private villas are a bit expensive whether in a Muslim or a Non-Muslim country. There is always a price to pay for comfort and privacy.

Halal tourism is quite in its nascent stage the demand is extremely high but there are a few halal package holidays that can be booked through a Muslim-owned travel agency.

Certain travel agencies even provide tailor-made holidays to suit the personal needs of the tourist with more and more people want to experience a halal holiday getaway. The halal holiday market is slowly growing beyond the middle east and is getting into major tourist destinations such as London, Rome, Barcelona and Berlin.

The future of Halal Resorts/Hotels.

Nabeel Shariff, director at Serendipity Tailormade, says that it’s no longer difficult to find a halal holiday as the market has become immensely competitive more and more hotels will get into providing a halal holiday option on their resort or hotel. Thus, trying to tap into 220$ billion industry.

 It’s going to become one huge global industry. The new york times had an amazing article on the boom of this industry. The tourism industry recognizes the amazing opportunity halal travel presents in the coming days we might see packages for shorter trips that would cater to Muslims’ personal beliefs. Muslim travelers need to move out of their comfort zone and grab this opportunity to gain a new experience.

But for now, let’s find out the 5 best resorts that will provide you an amazing halal friendly holiday experience

1. Halal resorts near the US and Canada

As most of the countries still have a lot of restrictions around the people coming in and out, it’s better to opt for a holiday near you.

Provided by Husna vacations, Dreams Puerto adventures is an all-inclusive Halal friendly resort in Mexico. Nestled on a secluded bay in a charming yacht studded Maria village, it gives you an unforgettable experience of escaping out in the tropics.  Husna vacations make sure you get the most amazing halal holiday experience at this beach.

 . It’s so inclusive that the whole resort is yours to explore.

· Halal food: A global food menu to choose from.

·  Halal drinks with nonalcoholic beverages.

·  Its family-friendly (lots of activities and fun games for children)

·  Even great for couples and newlywed.

· You can perform congregational prayers amid nature.

· Option for babysitting facility.

· White sandy beaches

It includes everything that you can imagine for your dream halal gateway. Do check the website for availability and more of the amazing facilities provided.

2. Turkey:

Turkey is slowly becoming a top destination for halal tourism among Muslims with offering segregated pools and beaches for women and a private, complete halal menu to no alcohol policy in hotels and resorts. They have become the top choice for many Muslims around the globe.

Many travel agencies are coming up with amazing packages for families and new couples in Turkey. With most of the resorts and hotels providing secluded pools and spas for women. Turkey is slowly becoming the hot spot for halal tourism.

Add to it the cultural and Islamic significance of the place you get a perfect getaway with beach outings and escape into the historical days of old. Here’s a list of the top affordable resorts in Turkey.

There is a lot to choose from but these two are pocket-friendly and provide an array of amazing halal holiday experiences.

3. Altis Resorts Hotel and Spa

It is an all-inclusive resort located in Belek Antalya region located at a point where the forest meets the sea it includes an all-women’s spa, private pools.

the resort offers a wide choice for the type of room one may require which includes economy, deluxe, or super deluxe

All rooms are spacious and provide an excellent view of the landscape around the sea. Apart from access to the beach they also have an amazing aqua park for children and animation to keep children entertained and make their trip as enjoyable as possible.

Additional tip: Choose rooms that are south facing as they have a breath-taking view. You can look at the amazing view it has to offer and book them at the following site.

4.Modern Saraylar hotel:

Located in Alanya Turkey. It is an all-inclusive private beach. Located close to Alara Bazaar and Alanyum shopping mall, if you are someone who would love shopping this resort provides you with a walk able distance to some of the amazing shopping places in Turkey. They also provide rooms that can accommodate any budget. From rooms for new couples to ones traveling for a complete family vacation.

It also has an amazing kid’s friendly water park.

Watch the amazing resort here.                    

It provides an amazing range of cuisines which all are halal so you can dig into it without once worrying about whether it is halal or not.

No alcohol policy on the resort every drink you have is alcohol-free.

Secluded beach, outdoor pool, and spa for women.

5. Oba hotel

Located in Torba, Bodrum turkey. This all-inclusive beach resort is a bit on the pricey side. But if you are someone who wouldn’t mind paying a price for complete seclusion and V.I.P treatment this resort takes care of your every need. It provides.

·  Secluded beach swimming only for ladies.

·  Secluded sunbathing

·  Outdoor and indoor pools only for women

·  Secluded spa, wellness/fitness center

·  An exclusive jacuzzi in some rooms

· Complete halal food on the premises

·   No alcohol on property.

It also has a wide range of rooms from premium-to-premium economy with garden or sea-facing views. They practically have 18 different types of rooms to choose from!!

Talk of choices!!!

Each of these rooms are bright, light flooded and has everything one could possibly need for a comfortable stay. From premium toiletries to free Wi-Fi and some rooms even have Apple iPad exclusive for the guest.

6. Plumaria Maldives:

Talking about beach holiday and talking about Maldives. Its like talking about pizza without cheese. Maldives the land of white pristine beaches, its on every traveler’s bucket list.

Plumeria Maldives is located along the stunning white beaches of Vaavu Atoll thinadhoo island it gives a supreme experience of the beach and underwater world. The picturesque beauty this landscape provides gives you a heavenly feeling. The facilities it provides include.

·  Complete halal food

· No alcohol served on property.

· Secluded spa for women

· Compulsory modest wear on the beach and outdoor swimming pools

Other activities provided by the resort include.

·Water sport facility

· Diving

· Surfing

And much more. It is a perfect destination if you are a beach lover and would love to soak in the sun.


Many parts of the world are still reeling out of Covid, and certain countries have very stringent laws as to who can get into the country. Before making any plans do check out what covid safety precautions are being taken at the premise.