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It is often difficult for teenage girls ( mostly 16 and up) who choose to wear the hijab to select an outfit that blends in with their hijab and yet is comfortable to run their daily errands of going to school/college. While opting for an outfit for school or college, it is essential to be simple, elegant, and fashionable. In today’s time, we have so many options to choose from regarding modest fashion. There is also a lot to choose for young girls looking for hijab outfit ideas that meet their day-to-day demands in school or college. Because at this age, fashion is more about comfort than looking trendy. Here in this article, we present some fantastic hijab outfit ideas that are stunning, comfortable, and affordable. But before we dive into it, let us make a mini checklist of what an ideal hijab outfit has.

What qualifies as a good hijab outfit ideas

So, a hijab outfit goes along with your hijab. These dresses are not revealing and cover you up in a modest way. The main points that qualify for an outfit to go along with a hijab are the following:

It should not be revealing

Should not cling on to your body

Should cover you up

How to wear a hijab outfit for everyday school/college:

Now when the young girls have decided on putting on a hijab. These girls’ most significant obstacle is to blend their hijab with their everyday outfits. Because at this age fashion is more about comfort than following a trend.

Winters are days when you can easily blend in with everyone as everyone is wearing around coats and jackets and layering up. These jackets and sweaters efficiently provide the much-needed coverage for modest clothing and keep you warm too.

But the problem arises when you need to choose a hijab outfit for summers.

But here are a few pointers to keep in mind while you select your hijab outfit for summer :

Choose light colors

Try not to layer up your clothes in summer. It will make you uncomfortable

Go for soft, breathable fabrics like lawn or chiffon

Instead of jeans, opt for floral dresses, skirts, and wide-legged pants in summer

Choose lightweight hijabs.

hijab outfit ideas
Image Credit: Yusron El Jihan

We have covered what comes under a good hijab outfit and how to dress for summers, now let us get into the main topic. If you are confused about what to wear for your everyday school or college, fret no more as we bring to you the top 10 stylish yet modest hijab outfit ideas which are simply comfortable yet will make you look stylish without being too heavy on your pockets.

1.Long hoodie with jeans and hijab:

I feel hoodies are saviors for any school girl or a boy. And for Muslim girls who want to practice their religious beliefs at an early age by opting to wear a hijab, hoodies are lifesavers. It is an outfit that is super comfy, simple, and something that every girl would possess in her wardrobe. These are best for colder days. You can pair a long hoodie with loose jeans and sneakers. This hijab-style idea is evergreen, has been done for quite a long time, and is still trendy. It is fashionable yet effortless and affordable.

Dana fashion has an amazing range of hoodies you can choose from available in XS size. Check out one of the amazing product here.

hijab outfit ideas
Image Credit: Dana Fashion

2.Wide leg jeans with T shirt, denim jacket and hijab:

The denim jacket is another evergreen outfit that would never go out of fashion. Denim jackets are must-haves for any woman who prefers to dress modestly. This hijab outfit idea is again one that would never go out of style. Pair up your favorite t-shirt with wide-legged jeans and complete the look with a denim jacket. Not only will it help cover up your arms if your sleeves are short. The denim jacket looks fashionable yet gives you the much-needed comfort to carry out your daily work. You can easily keep changing your shirt and jeans daily, but even if the denim jacket remains the same, the outfit doesn’t look repeated, and most importantly, it is affordable. They are many ways one can use denim jackets along with their hijab check out a few of the amazing styles on this website: fustany.com

3. Denim jacket with T shirt and palazzo pants:

Another hijab outfit trend that goes well with a denim jacket is when you pair it with pleated palazzo pants. These are comfortable and still make a high-end fashion statement. They are not clingy, making them a must-have for any modest fashion lover. Pair it with a T-shirt and denim jacket for a simple hijab style idea for school.

You can find amazing ways of wearing palazzo pants along with your hijab on pinterest.

4. Skirts with T shirt and hijab:

Skirts are the essence of modest fashion. They are fashionable, trendy, and stylish, all the goodies in one outfit. They are light easy to carry on a hot, hectic, and humid day at school/ college. Thus making it an ideal hijab outfit for summers. Choose a floral, plain, or even a pleated skirt and tuck in a denim shirt or any full sleeves shirt and choose a hijab of lighter fabric, and you are ready to look super stylish and yet modest at the same time.

hijab outfit ideas
Image Credit: Modanisa

5. Straight pants and stripped tunic shirts and hijab:

Straight pants are one versatile outfit that can be styled with a hijab in so many ways to make a fantastic hijab outfit. Straight pants have been high on fashion this year. You can wear high-waisted straight pants with a white top and finish it off with a floral hijab, or if you want to add some color on a rather dull summer day, you can pair up your straight pant with a striped shirt. This formal hijab outfit adds glamour on days you do not feel like dressing up.

A glimpse of how this style would actually look like if you can pull it off.

6.Hijab with baggy shirt and loose pants/straight jeans:

Baggy striped shirts are a must-have for any modest fashion lover. You can easily buy these oversized baggy shirts from any thrift store or favorite outfits men wear section. Stripped baggy shirts paired with straight jeans or loose pants and a light-colored hijab give you the perfect summer hijab outfit style that is super comfortable and highly fashionable.

7.Kimono with tshirt and trousers:

Kimon’s makes it possible for you to wear short sleeves t-shirts in summers as they are light, easy to carry and keep you covered up modestly without layering you up. What’s more, they come in fantastic pastel colors and floral prints that make them an outstanding choice for summers and also give you a formal hijab outfit look. 

It is one of the most trending hijab outfit ideas for schools which was mentioned on the outfit trends website.

Check out some amazing collections of kimonos in modanisa and shukr clothing.

hijab outfit ideas
Image Credit: Modanisa

8.Tunics with wide leg pants and hijab:

Tunics are another piece of clothing that is highly recommended and are must-haves for a formal modern everyday look. They are light trendy, and life saviors for stylish fashion lovers. It is available in wide varieties like printed, flared, A-line extended, and even bell-sleeved tunics. It becomes your basic summer outfit for school when paired with wide-leg pants.Artizara has some amazing collections of tunics. Some of these have a traditional look while some are formal. All of these tunics are available in a wide range of sizes even available in XXS which is an ideal size for teenagers.

hijab outfit ideas
Image Credit: Modanisa

9. Flowy dresses with hijab:

Flowy dresses are the epitome of modest fashion. They are incredibly stylish, trendy, versatile and make you look elegant and fashionable. It is a must-have for every modest fashion lover and gives a fantastic feminine and chic look. Perfect for a long humid, and hectic school day. Opt for a breathable, lightweight fabric and pair it up with a lighter shade hijab, and you are good to go.

Dana fashion has some amazing collection of flowy dresses in XS and S size which are perfect fir for teenagers

10. Ethnic styled tops or kurtis with pants/jeans and hijab:

The ethnic or Asian-styled Kurtis is a blessing in disguise for any Muslim girl. They are the most versatile and easily replicable clothing in a modest fashioner’s wardrobe. Available in a wide variety from plain to floral printed knee-length, A-line to hemmed bottom Kurtis. These are made of light fabric, which makes them perfect for summers. They look fantastic when layered with a sweater or a jacket, even during cooler days.

A few of the stunning Kurtis are worn by some modest fashion bloggers in a wide variety of ways. All in all, they are a perfect fit for any weather. They are affordable and are an excellent example of an outfit that is best for any occasion. Pair it up with your best jeans or any pants and hijab, and you are good to head out.

Kurtis are again are highly trendy and very popular all around the world. You can buy them easily on etsy or amazon and even on modanisa.


Most of the time in college and school, you kind of start getting the same outfit, different that vibe, and it seriously affects your mood. There are some amazing vloggers that give you an amazing idea of how to choose your hijab outfit for any occasion, outfit trends is one some amazing fashion blog that follows brings forth amazing ideas around modest fashion.With the help of these ten hijab outfit ideas, get inspired and add a touch of style to your everyday look.