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  1. Introduction.
  2. Why is learning the Quran important?
  3. What goals adults can achieve after online Quran reading classes?
  4. How to choose a tutor to learn to read Quran?
  5. What are the key features of basic Quran lessons?
  6. FAQs about learning to read Quran online.
  7. Conclusion.


Muslims all over the world strive to read the Quran due to the respect and reverence this Holy book holds. Learning to read Quran for adults sometimes gets tougher for our non-Arab brothers and sisters living in the West.

The book of Allah can not be sidelined and read as per the convenience of every person’s capacity. The Arabic language has its own rules of pronunciation and articulation that need to be learnt properly.

What goals adults can achieve after online Quran reading classes?

When you intend to learn something, you have some objectives and goals in your mind that are supposed to be accomplished in the end.

Similarly, in online Quran reading classes in which you can learn to read Quran online, you must have some learning goals in your mind.

These learning goals for adults are :

1- To be able to learn the Arabic letters through Quran for beginners course.

2- To identify the Arabic letter accurately.

3- To learn the articulation points and pronunciation of each letter.

4- To be able to read Arabic words with a proper Arabic accent.

5- To read out short verses, then Surans, and finally the whole Quran by applying all the rules of Tajweed.

6- To be confident enough to read Quran like native Arabs without having any single error.

7- To beautify voices with an amazing recitation of Quran.

How to choose a tutor to learn to read Quran?

The journey of Quran reading can not start and flow with ease without the proper online Quran classes that are conducted by Online Quran tutors. To help you learn more about the teachers we can recommend a very reliable online platform

that hires excellent teachers for Quran learning for beginners.

The Quran teachers literally work like holding a fingertip of a student to make them walk through the tough path. Learning Quran online for adults also requires such dedicated and motivated teachers.

The following are the personality and academic traits of a Quran tutor that are supposed to be hired to teach Quran reading easily and smoothly.

1- The Quran teacher is selected after intensive rounds of interviews and scrutiny from professional scholars who are well aware of the requirements of the Quran teacher.

2- The degree and qualification of the online Quran tutors are a must-have! The Quran tutors must be qualified from reputed and famous Quranic universities that claim to have taught hundreds of graduates successfully.

3- The native Arab tutors are preferred by many reliable and credible online Quran teaching platforms because they possess a very beautiful and accurate Arabic accent that non-Arabs desire to have.

4- These native Arab tutors are bilingual (can speak Arabic and English) and can teach not only the students from Arab countries but students from non-Arab countries as well. They are capable of teaching the Quran to the students, living in the West, confidently.

5- To teach Quran for beginners, these selected professional and trained teachers are able to devise innovative and unique teaching methodologies to make the Quran very easy and enjoyable.

6- The Quran teachers can not only teach kids but adults too. They know very well how to channelise the kids’ energy and how to keep adults interested and attracted towards Quran learning.

7- The Quran teachers are highly dedicated and committed to the teaching profession. They try their best to teach and help adults overcome their mistakes easily by letting them revise and practice their lessons by applying different techniques.

8- Many of the Quran teachers hired by the reputed Quranic platforms are Ijazah certified which means they hold the authority and certification to teach Quran and pass on the permission and authority to their students.

It is necessary to mention here that the Quranic online schools and websites do offer gender-specific teachers as well. If our sisters out there are willing to learn to read Quran online by a female teacher, they will get that. The basic aim is to help Muslims learn Quran easily.

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Why is learning the Quran important?

Learning Quran is very important because it works as a light for mankind. The adjectives that are used for Quran by Allah SWT are :

  • Al-Hudaa  (Guidance)
  • Ash-Shifaa  (Cure)
  • Al-Furqaan  (The criterion for right and wrong)
  • Al-Noor  (Light)
  • Ar-Rahmah  (Mercy)
  • Al-Majeed  (Glorious)
  • Al-Basheer (Giving glad tidings), and many other attributes are present in the Quran itself.

So, it is clear from the names that learning the Quran is of utmost significance if our adults want to save themselves from hellfire and shaitan.

What are the key features of basic Quran lessons for adults?

If you are new to Quran reading and learning, you must be thinking about how you can get started with the Quran for beginners course, which book you need to buy or consult, what timings should you allot to your lessons, etc.

So, here we are giving down all the key features you need to know for your basic Quran lessons.

1- Which book to start with?

The world-famous books for beginners are Noorani Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan. These two books are designed and formulated by prestigiously experienced and professional Quranic scholars who had arranged the lessons step by step, depending on the severity of the rules to be introduced.

These books are known as Mini Quran because once you are done with any of these books, you will read Quran on your own with accuracy and proficiency.

2- What is in this book?

These books contain the same lessons with a slight variation of arrangements. The topics to be covered in these books are as follow :

1- Introduction to the letters with correct makharij.

2- Single and double Movements (fatha, damma, qasra) on the letters.

3- Joining of the letters (starting by 2 letters, gradually moving to 6 to 7 till the end).

4- The silent letters, squeezed letters and echoed letters.

5- Rules for Madd (elongating the letters).

6- Rules of the letter Laam.

7- Rules of the letter Noon.

8- Pausing and stopping.

9- Recitation of Arabic words.

10- Recitation of sentences (5 to 6 words).

11- Recitation of short verses from Quran.

12- Recitation of short Surahs from Quran.

3- How can the Quran teacher divide the lessons according to the classes?

Many Quran teaching platforms offer a customized study plan in which you are the sole authority to decide the limit of the classes per week and the duration of the classes.

Once you have told your teacher regarding your schedule, he/she will divide the lessons and make your goal achievable.

You will also get a flexible time scheduling offer to learn to read Quran at your convenient time.

You can discuss the course duration with your teacher to let him/her make the lesson planner accordingly.

Let’s suppose you intend to finish learning Quran for beginners in a month by attending 5 classes per week.

Your teacher will devise a teaching strategy according to the time available.

4- What is the test or exam criterion to pass?

Every platform has a different test schedule. The best ones take oral tests every day, after every class to keep the previous lessons learned and revised.

In the end, they take a proper exam to check your standing and understanding. On the basis of your result they will see whether you passed the course.

5- Which mode of teaching will be applied?

The hired teacher by the adult students will decide the mode of teaching whether it is didactic teaching or interactive teaching. Usually, the efficient and effective Quran tutors select an interactive mode of teaching where both the teacher and the student interact to let the lesson become more interesting and easily understandable.

You can also decide to keep the class one-on-one or grouped. Both the classes have their advantages and students really enjoy them because the teacher makes both types of classes super engaging through different interactive activities.

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FAQs about learning to read Quran online for adults.

Many people ask different questions regarding online Quran classes. Here are some of the top-searched questions answered to help you.

1- Is there any difference between the classes of kids and adults?

No, there is no such difference other than the games and activities devised specially for the kids to engage them in the lesson.

2- How can we choose the teacher of our choice?

Many platforms offer a free trial with the teacher to see if the teaching style suits you or not. The famous platforms is

3- What if I miss my online Quran lesson due to any reason?

No worries, we have searched this question and came to know that many platforms offer flexible timing around the clock so that you can attend the lesson when you are available.

4- What is the next step after Quran for beginners?

Once you are done with basic Quran reading and have passed the Tajweed test, you can move towards your memorization journey. If you are not willing to memorize, then you can enroll in Quran tajweed classes to learn Tajweed rules in detail, or you can take Tafseer classes to understand the meaning of the Quran.

5- What role does Tajweed play in learning Quran?

Tajweed is the backbone of Quran recitation. Without proper tajweed, the non-Arabs tend to make mistakes that sometimes become grave. It is necessary to learn Tajweed to perfect your pronunciation and articulation points.


Quran learning is not an easy task. It needs time, dedication, hard work, and commitment on the student’s part. The rest of the hard work and guidance is on the part of the hired tutor. May Allah make the journey of learn to read Quran easy for adults.