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Islamic toys for kids are taking the toy industry by storm. These toys are high on demand and slowly becoming a must-have in every home. With the pandemic disrupting the schools in most countries, these Islamic educational toys are an excellent source to keep kids engaged and yet help them learn about their religion in a fun way.

Islamic toys for kids
Image credit : Hossein Azarbad

Gone are the days when a strict teacher taught Quran by the stick. These Islamic educational toys are making learning about Islam easy and enjoyable for both parents and children. And What’s impressive is that if introduced at an early age will help a child become more confident and prouder of their identity as Muslims.

But how do you select a good Islamic Educational toy?

Guide to select a good Islamic Toys for Kids:

Before we select the trending Islamic educational toys in the market, let’s first understand what makes a toy educational.

The primary aim of educational toys is to educate. We expect it to instruct and help the child in his emotional or physical development.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the proper form of educational toys. While selecting any toy, we as parents must be super thoughtful to promote skills vital to the child’s development. Any toy should improve creative and intellectual thinking, emotional growth and improve cognitive skills.

1.    Pick toys that would interest the child:

Even Islamic toys should be such that they should grab the child’s attention and make them interested in it. Once the child gets interested in it, it is easy to educate.

2.    The toy should spark the child’s imagination:

The toy should spark the creative vision of the child. Get him to question, help him in learning new things through his imagination.

3.    The toy should promote social skills:

Islamic educational toys as puzzles are an excellent choice. It gives children an opportunity to learn to work in a group.

“Good educational toys are those that grab a child’s attention and keep it.”

No matter which toy you choose, remember you, as a parent, truly can understand your child’s needs. Whatever toy you decide to, get involved with your children, attempt to make this time for bonding over religion. Also helps to spiritual wellness.

Islamic toys for kids
Image credit : Kelly Sikkema

These Islamic educational toys will give your children a fun and engaging way to look at religion. Here we present the best 10 affordable and easily available Islamic educational toys you can give your children.

1. Talking Muslim Doll:

These dolls are just unique in every way. These dolls talk and interact, and most importantly, that’ll help your child learn surahs with translation. This 16-inch doll is plush soft and speaks when its hands, feet, and nose are pressed.

The Surahs also include Arabic phrases that we all should be using daily, like Insha Allah Masha Allah. It’s a fantastic way to expose children to various teachings of slam.

And mind you, it’s just not a doll for girls. They also come in a boy form named Yusuf.

 It is an excellent way of helping children find their representation in toys. And Aminah, the doll comes in an Abaya as well its special edition. This special edition has a new level 2 content with some extra surahs.

If your child is obsessed with dolls, then this toy is a fantastic companion your child should have around.

2. My Salah mat:

My Salah mat is an interactive, touch-sensitive prayer mat designed for children. It is essential to inspire children to learn Salaah and help them learn to pray in a fun, easy, and interactive way. The makers of this mat genuinely believe that Salah should be actively, physically, and collectively performed with the complete family and not be a ritual.

This prayer mat is just not used to pray but also to learn Salah. The amazing fact about this prayer mat is that it is in harmony with children and designed according to how they enjoy learning. As parents, we need to make sure the first time our children learn about Salah, it should be inspirational. Kids should learn with enthusiasm and feel the love for Salah and ultimately connect with their creator.

It comes with an activity book that helps children understand the number and time of prayers and rakas in each prayer.

This prayer mat is touch-sensitive, so the child must be in that prayer position to know the next stage.

It comes with a detailed parent manual with a complete description of how the product can be used for different age groups.

It might be a bit on the pricey side, but mark my words, it’s an investment for your akhirah.

Pst. If you, as an adult, remember little of your Salah lessons, don’t feel shy to refresh your knowledge and learn it with your kid.

You can purchase it by clicking on the link

3. 99 names of Allah sound book:

This book can help both adults and children in memorizing the 99 names of Allah.

The book is beautifully illustrated and plays sound along with the illustration. Your child will not only memorize the names of Allah, but this book will also help them understand the meaning behind each name.

Islamic toys for kids
Islamic toys for kidsImage Credit: Stephen Andrews

This book comes with a tremendous light-up sound panel. The names are divided into sets of 10 for easy memorization. The main USP of this book is the names are read in a beautiful melodic tone. You also get duas with each of the names, one of the excellent ways you can teach a child to make dua to Allah.

Get this fantastic product that will benefit you and your child not only in this world but also the hereafter.

4. Alphabet shapes:

These are excellent blocks made from material that will last for years. It contains both the alphabet of English and Arabic, which eventually helps the child learn the alphabet of the two languages simultaneously.

The blocks have been designed in such a way that they catch the eye of the child immediately. The shapes and colors are designed so that they help develop visual attention and improve a child’s gross motor skills.

The best feature of these blocks is that the blocks help build a child’s creative potential as children can make unique color-coordinated structures with them.

The structure of each of the blocks helps in easy holding for the child. It is one of the toys that will help the child identify the alphabet and improve their fine motor skills.

5. Masjid building toys:

Another set of blocks that will help children improve their gross motor skills. And don’t worry, they are just the right weight and texture for your little ones. Ideally best for the little hands to hold firmly and no sharp edges that might harm them. Soft to touch and perfect for little ones to explore the endless options to enhance their creativity.

If this wasn’t enough, the fine grain sanding of the blocks allows easy painting on it so that your children might even customize it accordingly.

 A note of caution the blocks may be large enough, but the peg dollies might be hazardous to children below the age of 3. So, it’s primarily suitable for children above three years of age.

6. Children’s phone toy:

We highly recommend this for toddlers. It resembles a small toy phone and has about 18 chapters of the Quran in it. Very beneficial for toddlers for repetition and memorization. It’s light in weight easy to carry, which makes it a Quran memorization tool on the go.

7. Candy floss dua pillow:

The candy floss dua pillow is a special edition and a best seller at the Ibrahim toy house. The candy floss edition is beautiful. With child-safe LED lights and over 6min of sound, this pillow can become a part of your child’s daily night routine. This pillow would make your child’s night routine Islamic and fun, too.

The pillow has a lot of different color buttons all over it. Each color represents the various features it contains. And the most fantastic quality of this pillow is that you can automatically adjust its volume and LED lights switches.

Check this product to include an Islamic routine at your child’s bedtime.

8. Fun dough:

Every child is obsessed with play dough. It’s one of the toys that creates a child’s skill, and the child can play on with it for hours. Children can be left unmonitored for hours. And now, what if you can make the Arabic alphabet in a fun and interactive way. The cutter shapes are so unique you can create any form with them.

Children will be able to build up their motor skills and identify the Arabic alphabet.

9. Arabic alphabet set:

Even though we included the Arabic alphabet blocks in the list early on, this set of Arabic alphabets had to be included because of its unique look. These have been handmade with perfection and provides an excellent eye for detail and quality.

They provide a unique hands-on experience to learn Arabic by seeing each alphabet’s vibrant color and texture.

Every purchase comes with a free Arabic learning pack designed by Nichole Graham. Children will love identifying, drawing, tracing, coloring each letter.

The best part and the most important reason for this toy to be included in this list is that a refugee woman in Turkey handcrafts it. It is knitted with premium quality cotton and stuffed with hypoallergic polyfill.

10.Quiz cards of Hadith and Quran:

These cards are highly recommended for older kids to gain knowledge through quiz play.

These are perfect for playing around during holidays with family.

These cards include the family life, social values, peace, spirituality hereafter, Islamic character duas of the Prophet, and much more.

Its an amazing product to keep children engaged and increase their knowledge of the prophets that lived plus the important tenants of Islam.

Right now, Ibrahim toy house an amazing discount on all the quiz cards. Do avail the offer.


Inculcating the love for religion in our children is one of the primary responsibilities of a parent.

When we have so many resources available in today’s world, let’s try to make this journey of discovering and following religion an easy and excitable one for our children. Also you may see some remarkable ways to skyrocket your parent-child relationship.

May Allah help and guide our children in the best possible way.