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Being a Muslim women we are often in a dilemma, so many times we are faced with numerous questions. As Muslim women, can we be fashionable and still follow trends? Can we still fit in the various fashion trends that come and go in the market?
In today’s world, where there is acceptance of people’s differences in every sphere and the boom of social media as a marketing tool, we have many modest fashion trends coming into the market. There are a lot of options to choose from and be comfortable in. Modest fashion isn’t just all about covering yourself from head to toe. Today we have options available even in some leading brands; modest fashion has become something to reckon for. Be it your daily hijab or just a regular dress, you need to walk down the street or something for your daily commute to the office.
We bring to you the latest trends happening in the fashion world, and yes, rest assured, all these are modest clothing because we believe our purpose as Muslims is to please our creator first.
Understanding trends helps us stick to them and choose better what to buy and reuse from the stuff we may already have in our closet.
So let’s begin and get started on the trends in the modest fashion world this spring summer season.

1.Baby doll dresses and puffed sleeves

Baby doll dresses have been everywhere, and they are super cute; the fantastic thing about these dresses is that we can combine them with minimum accessories, and are good to go.
Popular social media platform Tumblr, for the year 2020 “The year of cottagecore,” and this trend is continuing even in 2021. Cottage core can be defined as an aesthetic in which people dress up as though they live in a cottage. The fashion elements for this kind of clothing include puffed sleeves and floral dresses.


Looking back at the history of puffed sleeves, these are inspired by Victorian-era fashion. The primary intent is to romanticize the outfit. The benefit of this era-type clothing is that they are longer and offer more coverage. The puffed sleeves are already making a mark in brands. Such as Zara, H&M, Banana Republic.

2.The classical white shirt.

The white shirt is possibly the timeless classic which would never go out of fashion. It’s one piece you could be wearing as your everyday casual look or for a night out. As the color white does not absorb heat, this will leave you feeling breezed even when the sun is blazing hot. It is a fantastic modest outfit that could be cheap on anyone’s pocket and yet stand out as a style statement. Be sure to invest in this timeless piece as it is an excellent example of vintage and classical look coming together.

3.The power of florals.

The most trending pieces in modest clothing are floral dresses. They provide an energetic vibe that keeps your mood elevated on a bright and sunny day. Florals made up of cotton fabric are always perfect for warmer weather as they allow you to breathe, making you feel fresh and cool all day long.

4. Jumpsuits:

These fashion attire is a bit newer in the market, while the short romper has been popular for quite a while. While they can be worn under a long sleeve shirt to provide the much-needed coverage, jumpsuits with neutral cover can be worn for a casual outing, and bright, colorful ones can opt for an outing with friends.

5. Baggy Silhouettes

Oversized shirts, skirts, voluminous skirts are all the latest trends that are in. It’s time for modest fashion to shine. The amazing feature of this trend is it’s something you can look so comfortable in and yet not look out of place.


For the office’s casual look, oversized suits and coats have been making a mark for quite a while. A suit reveals the strong businesswoman inside you; it’s a force to stay classic and versatile. Soft tones are highly suitable for summer meetings. It can be easily worn over a pair of jeans or belted on a maxi skirt.

7. Ballon Jeans:

A hot new trend in the modest fashion world this spring-summer season. These are highly comfortable and provide much-needed coverage and go along with heels, sandals, or even sneakers.

8. Bandanas:

The essential elements of the 2000s are trending yet again. Yes, the Bandana. The new-look is being reinvented by modest fashion bloggers underneath long sleeve shirts or worn on top of a hijab; a simple look can be made edgier by this fashion piece. A few sophisticated prints would give a refined look.

9. Colors that are dominating the market.

The colors that are dominating the fashion world are as follows:
Yellow and Red will give you a youthful and fresh look, whereas for a dramatic look, choose navy blue and deep purple.
Pastel colors like lilac, yellow, pale pink, and mint green are dominating the realm of fashion.
Pastels will give you a fresh look even while wearing a long dress.
The most significant advantage of these colors is that they are easy to mix and match. They look amazing on dresses, shirts, skirts, and accessories.

Vintage trends are the latest fashion trends dominating the modest fashion market. These dresses take you back in history and yet call you to the future fashion styles. Most of these dresses are all whites and greys, a must-have if you are looking for a modest vintage look.
A modest daily trend is the vintage lined jacket and trousers, probably giving you the look that old school is the new school. Even a vintage-looking hijab can pull off a fantastic look to a normal-looking outfit.

11. Sustainability

As Muslims, we must remain highly mindful of the impact any of our decisions create, and this goes out in what we wear too.
It’s no surprise that sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant.

This is very important as it makes us think about the choices we make with our clothing. It is making us consciously think about why we wear what we wear. This approach helps us use our money wisely by being less consumerist and more grateful. Sustainable fashion has been influencing styles with thicker fabrics (Natural fiber) and tones that are natural too, like earthy, raw, nude, and off-white.
Some of the brands promoting sustainability in modest fashion are Pyne & Smith, Son de Flor, Boden, Osklen.

12. Traditional outfits

With Ramadan around the corner, traditional outfits are something to be ready with for an iftar party. It’s an excellent means of reclaiming your cultural heritage through the means of fashion.
It is being comfortable in your roots and a way to show that you are proud of who you are and where you come from.
Flower patterns and Arabic patterns on a modern outfit are all trends that are making a mark in the traditional market.
All this combined will make your Ramadan look more exclusive.

13. Fashion Accessories

Accessories are something that might just pull of a simple look and make you look perfect. They complete your look for the day. The accessories that are a must-have this spring-summer season for the modest fashion lover include; belts, scarves and glasses.
These give details to any kind of dress.On an oversized shirt, maxis skirt, and even on your casual office suit. It brings about a whole new classy look. Wear it on any kind of outfit, and it will look perfect..
Scarfs are everywhere this spring-summer season. Style it the way you want, give it a try to the retro look of the 80s, because in the fashion world, history always repeats itself, or you can try it on top of your hijab. It puts you in a sensational mood. You can even try it with bucket hats which is a considerable trend maker in itself.
Glasses :
Well, any summer look won’t be complete without a pair of glasses, there is a lot to choose from in the market, but the ones that are seriously creating ripples in the fashion world are vintage glasses.


So, these are the trends that are making a mark in the modest fashion world. You can buy ones that you feel will make you stand out or reuse some which you already have . If you are planning on buying some modest clothing, here is the list of the top online fashion stores that provide some amazing
options. From hijabs to evening gowns and eventually dresses for your daily outing all these sites provide a whole new variety and styles that will make you stand out.