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With the dropping temperatures, it’s time of the year to get those coats and cardigans out. But can we still stay fashionable while trying to be warm and modest at the same time?

Here we have compiled a list of fantastic modest winter fashion trends that will keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. As Muslim women who choose to dress modestly, we often get stuck with the idea of just layering up. The modern hijabi woman of today looks for fashion trends that are simple yet would make her stand out and not look like someone wrapped in a blanket. We bring to you the top 5 latest modest winter trends of 2022 and where you can buy them.


Winter is the season of jackets. It’s the time of the year to shop for some outerwear. In the near-freezing temperatures picking up a trendy coat is all about making a style statement. Here is the list of trending jackets this season and links to where you can buy them.

Puffered jacket:

The trend of puffered jackets has been continuing since last year. East essence has quite a range of puffered jackets.

Puffer jacket with fur size up:

It is a fantastic jacket that comes in 3 solid colors. It has a mock collar to provide warmth around the neck region. The sleeves are long with a straight hem and lined with polyester making it an ideal choice as outerwear while going out in the snow.

Layered jacket:

Suppose you are looking for something relatively light and straightforward for your everyday commute. Then the simple hooded heavy-layer jacket is a perfect choice. It is made from lightweight material that is fully lined. It has buttons on the front that reach the hip. For our everyday convenience, it has a front utility pocket. The neck is round and provided with a hood. The fabric is twill and easily machine washable.

Vintage jackets:

Vintage modest wear was trending all along this spring-summer season, and the vintage love has also trickled down to the winter season. Made from Korean wool, this warm vintage jacket comes in a fantastic color. It has full sleeves with cuffs and buttons on the front. The one-piece collar not only provides extra coverage but stands out as an everyday outer coat. You can easily wash it in a machine.

modest winter fashion trends
Picture Credit: East Essance

Fleece jackets:

These jackets that are a part of every hipster’s wardrobe have now hit the mainstream fashion world. These jackets are no longer only a part of a hiker’s wardrobe. The fleece fabric is hydrophobic. It becomes an ideal fabric worn during cold, damp winter days. The solid winter fleece jacket is an excellent choice if you love to have high-end fashion pieces. The sleeves are packed with a ribbed cuff with a front zipper and pockets. Available in three different colors.


Modanisa provides a vast range of knitwear, including tunics, skirts, pants, cardigans, sweaters, and even dresses. Knits are a personal favorite as they feel like a bear hug, a cup of warm tea, evening by the fire, all these feelings rolled up in a knit.

Do check out their fantastic range of knit collections. It is tough to pick a few among, but here is a list of a few that I think are perfect for my wardrobe.

Modest Winter Fashion Trends
Image Credit: Sefamerve

Knitted tunics:

I loved this new trend of knitted Tunis. It just feels like a tunic burrowed from your grandmother’s wardrobe. These are warm and go along amazingly with skirts and denim. They make you look fashionable too. Do check the variety in the tunic collection of Modanisa, which significantly represents how fashion trends can be incorporated into Islamic clothing.

Tavin navy blue crew neck tunic:

This tunic is available in five different colors. The crew neck provides a modest cover along the neckline, and the pearl detail along the sleeves and neck make it look stunning.

Neways tunic top:

Now, this one tunic top is running out of stock. The pattern along the tunic makes it a high-end fashion piece. Available in three different colors.

Knitted cardigans:

Maroon knit acrylic cardigan by Modanisa is one fantastic piece if you prefer cardigans to coats. These are long and go below the knee with the pocket provided by the side. This will keep you warm and is an ideal choice to keep you warm at your workplace. Available in colors like silver-tone, powder, camel, and black. I personally loved the black one and the idea of how it can go perfectly with a white pleated skirt.

If you are looking for sweaters to layer up from inside, the round neck fall sweater from east essence is an excellent choice to wear under tops or over maxi dresses. It has an extended round neck, and the front comes with a flam for extra coverage. It is machine washable and can easily be included with everyday wear.

3.Maxi dresses:

Maxi dresses are a must-have for anyone who is indulged modestly. These are comfortable and yet look endlessly chic and sophisticated if summer were all about flowery and nude-colored maxi dresses. In winter, they return with bold colors. For an evening part event, they make you stand out by still providing the much-needed coverage. So, for a modest fashionista, these dresses are must-haves for any season. Niswa has a beautiful collection called Autumn Equinox for winter 2021. the best picks among these are:

modest winter fashion trends
Picture Credit: Mariaalia

Alicia double ruffle maxi dress:

This dress is a perfect fit for day or night events. It has long banded cuffed sleeves. It has a beautifully pleated bodice, with a ruffled waistline and a ruffled hem skirt. It gives an elegant look without being too dramatic. It is flowy and can easily be paired up with a hijab to complete the dramatic look of a Muslim woman.

Elmas maxi dress:

The balloon sleeves from the spring summer season are here to stay. This dress has dramatic balloon sleeves, which are cinched at the wrist. This gives it a vintage yet a trendy look. Its best feature is its crisscross princess neckline and a band collar that covers your neck perfectly, making it easy to wear your hijab over it. The pleated waistline offers a flowy draping look that gives it a uniquely chic and high-end fashion look. Available in XXL and XL sizes.

4.Maxi skirts:

 Maxi skirts remain fashionable throughout the year. In summer and spring, you can easily pull off a floral maxi skirt with a white or peach top, but it is best to go with glittery pieces that go well with coats or jackets for winters.

Pleated skirts are a new trend this season. It is simple and yet modest at the same time.

The dusty rose pleated skirt from Modanisa is my personal favorite. It is a full-length skirt and would significantly add to your fashion sense if you wear it with minimum accessories. It is not transparent and doesn’t stick to your body, providing the much-needed coverage for modest clothing. It looks good both with high-heeled boots and flats.


Not just for modest fashion but scarves are right now the most searched accessories for winter 2022. Silk scarves are popular right now. You can exchange your regular hijab with a scarf for this winter season as they keep you warm and fulfill the purpose of the hijab. Again, a fantastic collection to be found at Modanisa.

Mizalle scarf:

It is 100% pure silk, and these are running out quite quickly. It comes with a black print and would look amazing on long coats or knitted cardigans.


Modest fashion for Muslim women is creating ripples in the fashion world and its here to stay. If the spring summer collections were unique and offered some amazing choices the winter collection is no less. The options available are so varied that it is difficult to choose. But whatever you choose to make sure it keeps you warm and comfortable at the same time. Also, check out some fashion trends in modest clothing.

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