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When it comes to beauty products, there are many halal-certified options out there. And with the new spring season just around the corner, now is the time to start stocking up on your favourite beauty products! Here are ten of the best halal beauty products to shop this spring:

Thanks to the fantastic revolution brought in by some insightful people globally, we have a vast range of halal cosmetics to choose from. Also beauty products it helps to make you more fashionable. The rage around halal beauty began about a decade back, but thanks to e-commerce websites and worldwide shipping, these have gained immense popularity in recent times. It is essential to understand what halal cosmetics are and what they are not, as many products used in traditional cosmetics invalidate your salah.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s shocking, and that’s why I think we as Muslims should be highly cautious in choosing and understanding what halal cosmetics are and what ingredients used in normal brands are entirely unacceptable according to Islamic standards.

halal beauty products
Image Credit: RODNAE Productions

What does Halal mean?

The term halal is not just confined to food. In literal terms, it translates to permissibility. And can be applied in the Islamic context to specific practices and ingredients. So halal makeup means free from animal derivatives, products that are organic, and free of alcohol.

Ingredients that are not Halal and widely used in cosmetics:

It is crucial to understand the ingredients commonly used in a traditional cosmetic industry are haram according to Islamic standards. These ingredients are used in almost all the prominent brands available in the market. As Muslims, it becomes highly imperative for us to be cautious while buying such products.

Caramine -This is widely used in the pigmentation of lipsticks and is obtained from insects.

Oleic Acid – Widely found in moisturizers. It is derived from animal fat.

Keratin – Also found in moisturizes obtained from animal matter.

Lanolic acid, Palmitic acid, Gelatin – These are used in moisturizers and other cosmetic products. These are primarily byproducts of animal fat. To use them, check thoroughly where each of these ingredients is obtained from.

Alcohol – Alcohol acts as an emulsifier that helps oily ingredients dissolve in water to ensure a smooth consistency. Alcohol in more significant amounts invalidates salah and cannot be used. So it is always necessary to get them checked by a well-informed third party for approval.

Lead, Mercury – Widely used in facial products, these are known to cause excessive harm to the consumer in the long run.

What does halal makeup contain?

Halal makeup products are mainly products that do not contain the above ingredients. They must be free from animal derivatives, alcohol and should be organic. Apart from the products, the process of creation from the beginning must be halal too.

Halal makeup products should be free from toxins and chemicals. Another essential aspect that halal beauty products are taking into account nowadays is to make these products wudu(ablution) friendly.

halal beauty products
Image Credit: RODNAE Productions

Is halal makeup only for Muslims?

Halal makeup is not only for Muslims; it can be used by anyone who is cautious and prefers organic, clean, cruelty-free, chemical-free products. It is a perfect fit for people who would love to be aware of what goes on their skin and its effect in the long run.

Can Vegans use halal products?

Some halal products do allow halal animal byproducts such as Bee’s wax, honey, and milk. On account of this, it would be better for vegans to avoid these products.

If you are a vegan and willing to go for halal cosmetic products, check the product ingredients before use.

Are vegan cosmetics halal then?

Some Muslims do opt for vegan cosmetics, but these are not the same as halal cosmetic products. Even though they might be similar, in the sense that both do not have animal derivatives. But still, some vegan products do contain alcohol, so it’s always better to check the ingredients before using the product.

How is the halal label given to cosmetics?

So who decides what comes under halal and what doesn’t? There is no single monotonous body that decides what is halal or haram.

Every country has its body/organization where a person with Islamic authority inspects the facility where products are prepared and also checks the products used in the manufacturing process. The organization must be able to track down the source of every ingredient used in the product. One should ensure it is as per the Shariah law.

Specific samples are also sent to independent labs to test for traces of animal byproducts. It is a highly intensive process and may take months. After a thorough analysis, the organization then provides the halal certificate to the product if everything seems in place. The brand usually displays certification in the form of a logo on its products to let the consumer know that the product is per the Shariah law.

Are halal cosmetics expensive?

Yes, when compared to traditional cosmetics, halal cosmetics might be on the costlier side. But one has to consider the ingredients that are being used in place of the conventional components. Also, the process of testing and getting certified is a bit expensive too. Some brands are trying to make them affordable without compromising on their quality.

These products are readily available nowadays, so it is always better to look into the options available.

Alhamdulillah, we have a fantastic range of products that are flooding the halal cosmetic market.

 Here we give you the list of the top 10 halal cosmetic products that we think should be a part of any Muslimah’s beauty bag.

1. Tuesday in love:

A Canadian-based halal-certified cosmetic brand. It takes pride in being cruelty-free and certified by ISNA Canada.

The story behind these cosmetics is quite adorable. Its pure love and dedication of a husband towards his wife. The love of this husband led to the invention of this range of halal nail polishes.

Tuesday in love is highly famous for its halal and water permissible nail polishes. It also includes other cosmetic products, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, liquid foundation eyeliner, and eyebrow mascara.

Products to look out for:

 It has a fantastic range of gift sets that can be ideal for any occasion. The velvet matte liquid lipsticks offer unique colors and variations that are a must-have if you are someone who loves a wide range of colors in your lipsticks.

Tuesday in love also donates its profits to Islamic relief Canada.

These are primarily famous for their nail polishes but still have a humble range of cosmetics.

2. Inika:

Inika organic is an Australian-based halal cosmetic manufacturer that prides itself in being pure, natural, and flawless. These products use 80% certified organic ingredients and are one of the leading halal products used in fashion shows. They have over 40 international awards recognizing their products. These are vegan and even cruelty-free. Be it skincare essentials or makeup must-haves, they have an extensive range of the best cosmetic products to cater to everyone.  They also have their range of brushes to ensure proper application of their products.

Products to look out for

Do checkout its award-winning long lash vegan mascara and loose mineral foundation. It is a powerhouse in organic makeup.

3. Sampure minerals:

Sampure mineral is a family-owned first halal-certified cosmetic brand in the UK. It was established in 2009. It is also cruelty-free, vegan, and vegetarian certified. As they say, they genuinely believe in “not only looking good but also feeling good.” And true to its nature, they feel good on your skin and make you feel good about your choice.

It’s a brand that makes mineral makeup with no harsh chemicals, no alcohols, and no parabens.

4. PHB Ethical Beauty:

Another family-based halal cosmetic manufacturer. These products are made in the UK. These are halal certified, cruelty-free, 100% natural, vegan as well as alcohol-free cosmetic products.

They also include a wide range of hair care products. It is one of the few cosmetic brands that cater to the needs of men as well. Most importantly, it donates 20% of its profit to charities in the UK and many other countries worldwide. They have worldwide shipping.

Products to look out for

Mineral foundation, flake-free mascara, pressed mineral eye shadow.

halal beauty products
Image Credit: PNW Production

5. Glow by Claudia Nour:

Another brand came into existence due to the market gap for halal products. It is the brainchild of a Latin Muslim sister Claudia Nour who created a go-to halal makeup brand from her personal experience to be helpful for other Muslim sisters.

All these products are free from Alcohol, Gelatin, and Carmine. She also has a line of products that are Wudu friendly, which means they are water permeable. Apart from her creations, she is involved in sharing beauty tips and tricks through her videos.

Products to look out for 

Her wudu-friendly collection includes concealers and mineral powders. These products are highly affordable.

6: Amara :

Ammara is the first halal-certified makeup brand in the US. It has a wide range of products made from pure natural, animal, and alcohol-free substances.

These products are also Paraben, Gluten-free, and certified by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America). Its mission is to provide “Muslim women safe and clean products that are abiding by Islamic teaching” It offers a wide variety of foundations, lipsticks, nail polish.

It is a one-stop-shop for all beauty products halal from your face, lip, eye products. It even provides brushes. If you feel pretty overwhelmed by the range of products, it offers value packs so you can choose what suits your needs.

Products to look out for: Liquid lipsticks

7: Zahara:

Another inspiring story of two sisters Amena and Aliya and their desire to bring halal cosmetics to a broader global community. Zahara Cosmetics is a Singapore-based brand that began breathable halal nail polishes and introduced its very own range of products. Which includes eyeliners, eyeshadows, and alcohol-free lipsticks.

As they say on their website, “They celebrate women and would love to put them first” Zahara is a reminder not to neglect yourself.

Products to look out for

Zahara is a nail care brand, so their nail polishes are of high quality and are available in fantastic trending shades. They offer international shipping.

8: Wardah Cosmetics

 Wardah is the best-selling Indonesian cosmetic brand that takes pride in using Natural halal ingredients of professional quality. It has a vast range of products for skincare, haircare, and even body care.

They also provide an online skin analyzer that can be extremely helpful to determine if the product is suitable for your skin. Vardah cosmetics also supports the community by presenting the Vardah fashion award at the Jakarta fashion week.

Products to look out for

 Optimum Hi black liner, which is an award-winning liner that comes in the shape of a marker, another product that appeared in Vogue is the unique matty lipstick, which is just no ordinary lipstick but a gloss with the matty finish.

halal beauty products
Image Credit: Keegan Checks

9: So.Lek:

Another family-based brand from Malaysia. So. Lek is a cosmetic brand started by a brother and sister to introduce affordable but high-quality makeup. It has an impressive range of lip products. Its quirky name is inspired by the phrase, so? Relax! Which is often used by the siblings. They are in the process of securing their halal certificate but rest assured their products are cruelty-free and free from any harmful chemicals.

A wide range of Malaysian celebrities enjoy wearing their products.

Products to look out for

The liquid lipsticks are moisturizing and provide a soft matty finish. These are available in simple nudes and bold colors. Still, the most favorite is their cushion products like the BB cushion with SPF 20 in three shades and blush cushion available in two lovely colors.

10: Halal beauty cosmetics:

A US-based cosmetic manufacturer started by a beautician putting her 20 years of experience in her products’ cosmetic world. They have a fantastic mission  “to bring healthy halal cosmetics to women around the world” it feels empowering to see all these women pushing ahead and trying to fill in the demand for a halal range of cosmetic products. They provide worldwide shipping; they have a wide range of products, including eyeliners, eye shadows, and essential skincare products.

Products to  look out for:

Their liquid lipsticks have a  wide range of shades available under them.


There are still many more available in the market but these are the top 10 I feel are worth investing in. The boom in this industry is helping many Muslim women reach out for products they are comfortable in. Do check them out and let us know which ones you love the most. Also you can check out 15 must have open abaya styles.