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The Abaya is traditional clothing mostly in black used by many Muslim women worldwide. However, in recent years, to cater to the needs of professional women and young girls, fashion designers are trying to make Abayas that are traditional yet look stylish, unique, and easy to carry. One such Abaya style becoming hugely popular and trending thanks to Muslim influencers like LeenaAsad(@withloveleena)Habiba da silva(lifelongpercusions) nowadays is the open abaya style. The open Abaya style has a traditional touch and still has a western feel.

It’s the first choice of Abaya for most young girls and working professionals.

The open Abaya comes along with a vast range of designs, and with each passing day, it is becoming more stylish.

With so many open Abaya styles and designs available in the market, we bring to you the most popular trending 15 that is stunning.

But first, let’s get into the fundamental questions regarding open abayas.

What is an open Abaya?

These Abayas are open from the front and come in styles like an overcoat, cardigan, and much more. One can wear them over jeans, skirts, maxi dresses, providing an excellent combination with your modest wear.

How to choose a perfect open Abaya?

As there are so many in variety, we must choose what best suits us.

Season appropriate fabric:

Choose a material that is appropriate to the season where you live. For example, Velvet abayas are ideal for winter, whereas Abayas of lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton are suitable for summers.

Colored Abayas:

We can easily pair abayas with pastel and nude colors with any outfit. They are ideal for summer.

Black Abayas:

If you love to keep your Abayas more traditional, black Abayas can accompany any colored outfit.

Western styled Abayas:

If you love to wear jeans, skirts, or dresses, the western-styled open Abayas, like the cardigan style or kimono styled open Abaya, will look amazing with your western outfit.

Abayas for unique occasions:

Embroidered open Abayas and embellished open Abayas are excellent for occasions and festivities. In contrast, we can wear the simple casual open Abaya and Abayas with floral print for a day outing or a casual look.

Where to buy the best open Abayas:

We can find some of the best and most trendy collections of open Abayas on

Aaliya collections


Trendy Nisa


Niswa fashion


15 Must have open Abaya styles in 2022

1. Plain traditional open Abayas:

If you are someone who would prefer the traditional black color for your open Abaya. This plain black open Abaya from Feradje is something that will meet your needs. These Abayas are suitable for formal occasions, and they can go along with any outfit you wear underneath. The frill gives an extra fashion edge while still looking elegant and straightforward. The material of the cloth is crepe.

2. Embroidered open Abaya:

Open Abayas with embroidery either on the sleeve or on the bottom makes it look classy and sleek. The embroidered work gives a delicate feminine touch. Embroidery farasha Abaya is one such open Abaya with chiffon embroidered loose outer layer and an embroidered matching belt.

You can wear it casually as well as on certain occasions. Whatever you choose but it makes you stand out and fashionable. Available in standard size and combination of beige and black embroidery.

open Abaya styles
Image Credit : Trendy Nisa

Trendy nisa has a fantastic collection of such open Abayas.

3. Kimono styled Abaya:

If you are looking for an open Abaya for Summers, the kimono-style open Abaya is excellent. The Tokyo wrap kimono Abaya from Niswa fashion is a sensational full-length wrap Abaya that exudes elegance. These are usually available in light fabrics that are lightweight and free-flowing, provide modest coverage, and are breathable. The cloth is a blend of satin and rayon, and the material looks exquisite and feels like a breeze. It’s a formal Abaya that is perfect for any occasion. Its cuffed sleeves and lapel collar set a higher standard of elegance. Available in unique three summer shades of vanilla, rose, and chai.

4. Embellished open Abaya:

This open-style Abaya looks stunning and has a festive feel to it. It gives you an ultimate modest look. Gold embellished open Abaya is high in demand, especially during the wedding season. These are lavish and luxuriously designed and are high in demand all over the globe.

The blush embellished Abaya from Aaliya collections is stunning Abaya available in crepe fabric and has a contrasting leaf embellishment along the sleeves. It’s a perfect pick for Eid’s other festivities, like evening parties. You can easily add it to a plain or shimmery dress for a glamorous look. The blush pink color gives it a fantastic feminine look. It comes with a matching belt which provides you with a tailored fit look.

5. Abaya with pearl beads:

If you are a fan of beads, you’ll love the latest trend of pearl beads on an Abaya. This style of open Abaya is an ideal choice for festivities. As a Muslim woman who wants to opt for Abayas on festivals and occasions, this Abaya style is a fantastic choice.

Sabah Abaya (black) by Aaliyah collection is one such open Abaya that is stunning and gives a luxurious and stylish look. The black Nidha fabric with scattered pearls gives you the impression of the night sky. It’s the perfect choice for weddings and parties. The best part is you can wear it as an open or closed Abaya, and it comes with an adjustable belt.

open Abaya styles
Image Credit: Aaliya Collections

6. Open Abayas with lace detailing:

To give Abayas a more stylish look, lace detailing around the sleeves around the hem makes it more attractive and fashionable. The lace is a beautiful open fabric of silk and knitting thread patterns. The Amana lace Abaya from the Aaliya collections is gorgeous. It is show-stopping with stunning floral net lace and sparkling beading work along its sleeves and hem area, making it perfect for special occasions.

The Nidha fabric is a luxurious, elegant, and soft fabric that is 100% polyester, which means they are excellent for hot weather.

It comes with a matching belt, and you can wear it as an open or closed Abaya.

7. Open Abayas with net detailing:

The net is a premium fabric for people’s clothing on special occasions, especially weddings. Women preferably look for Abayas with net detailing. Printed net with floral patterns on Abaya gives it a feminine and fashionable touch. A net detailing on any piece of cloth always looks stunning and fantastic,

Net lace Abaya from Trendy Nisa is a classic Abaya with an intricate golden design net lace along its sleeves and hem of the skirt. It is black, an all-time favorite color, and you can wear it throughout the year.

This monochrome color is a perfect head-turning outfit for an evening look. The net detailing along the hem gives the Abaya a stunning look. You can accessorize the belt to provide more detail to the outfit.

8. White-colored Abayas:

White-colored Abayas are an excellent choice if you are looking for an everyday Abaya that is simple to carry and yet chic at the same time. The white embroidered Abaya from the Aaliya collections is a super elegant lightweight open Abaya with intricate and subtle grey thread embroidery. This white-colored Abaya is a versatile piece that is perfect for all occasions. It has the added feature of styling the sleeves two ways. You can either have them with intricate embroidery or fold them, showcasing the sophisticated grey bordering. It is an excellent option for summer that makes you look modest and cool at the same time.

open Abaya styles
Image Credit: Aaliya Collections

9. Cardigan styled open Abaya:

The cardigan style Abaya is a fusion of eastern and western fashion. A great example of a modern take on modest fashion. The long cardigan with bell sleeves from Mushkiya is a chic and elegant must-have Abaya for every modest fashionista and cardigan lover.

It gives a casual and glamorous look. Perfect for students and professional women looking for a modest yet trendy outfit to wear daily.

This open Abaya looks stunning when worn over a white shirt and denim pants. The bell sleeve and frilly yoke design along the neckline give this plain Abaya a glamorous touch. Pair it with a bag and sunglasses to make it a show stopper.

10. Velvet openAbayas:

Velvet open Abayas have been high on demand and trending since 2019. Velvet fabric is used to design Abayas in various styles like the velvet frock style, velvet Abaya dress, embroidered velvet Abaya and many more.

But most of the velvet Abayasare primarily worn in a front open style, which is quite comfortable and keeps you warm during winters.

A laced kimono-styled velvet Abaya gives you a fantastic look of elegance and luxury.

A velvet open Abaya thrown over even a simple pair of jeans and shirt elevates its fashion statement.

The detailing on the velvet Abaya can be a huge game-changer and can make it a casual outfit or one to be worn during occasions. Embroidered velvet Abayas are a perfect choice for a winter wedding.

You can wear them over dresses to make them look more elegant for a party.

The velvet embellished cape open Abaya from the Aaliya collection is one amazing open Abay in cape style that will make heads turn at a party. This breathtaking velvet cape-styled Abaya is adorned with stunning pearl and stone embellishment, creating a solid show-stopping piece. Pair it along with a gorgeous faux silk hijab, and you are ready to go.

11. Open Abayas with floral embroidery:

Open Abayaswith floral embroidery on the sleeves and hem are perfect for a casual look. This style of Abaya provides excellent coverage and perfectly conceals the body.

The Dahlia floral Abaya is an elegant Abaya featuring floral embroidery on the sleeves. The cute floral embroidery, lightweight fabric, and belt make it perfect for summer.

It is perfect for special occasions like Eid. You can wear it open or closed with a belt for a tailored look. It also has a matching belt and comprises Nidha fabric.

12. Open Abayas with floral prints:

Floral print Abayas are precisely what you need for spring this year. Give your wardrobe the much-needed makeover by adding Abayas with floral print.

The belted chiffon Abaya from Modanisais a super trendy open Abaya while still staying super casual. The chiffon fabric makes it lightweight and breathable Abaya for Summers.

You can wear it on evening strolls or while running your daily errands.

13. Open Abayas with sequin embellishment:

If you look for something effortlessly chic, the sequined Abaya is perfect for your wardrobe. This open Abaya style seems to be inspired by the sequined luxury brand dresses currently in rage.

The nude sequin Abaya is a gorgeous nude Abaya with stunning contrasting leaf sequin embellishments, which gives it a fancy touch. It’s super elegant and will make you look glammed up for your next party.

14. Shimmer Abaya:

Another open Abaya you can add to your wardrobe perfect for festivities is an open Abaya made of shimmer fabric. This Abaya gives a luxury look to your outfit. Pair up this shimmer Abaya with a nude or light-colored silk hijab, and you are party-ready.

The nude shimmer Abaya by Aaliya collection is a luxury design AOPbaya and sells like hotcakes. You can wear it easily over your party gown; this Abaya ensures you are completely covered while staying in style and gives you the ultimate modest look. The shimmer polyester cloth and the balloon sleeves add a look of royalty.

One fancy Abaya that is a must-have for special events and guaranteed will make you feel pure luxury and glam. It comes with a matching belt to keep a fit look.

open Abaya styles
Image Credit: Aaliya Collections

15. Open Abaya with pockets:

For your everyday look, this style of open Abays is perfect. These staple pieces are made up of light material. Available in a variety of shades that can be worn in every season.

The plain grey pocket Abaya from the Aaliya collections is one essential piece of Abaya for every modest wardrobe. It is a simply elegant and comfortable Abaya but with a definitive style. The high-quality Nidha fabric with pocket and matching belt makes this Abaya a perfect layering option. It is an ideal choice for casual wear.


Here we conclude our 15 beautiful mind-blowing open Abaya style you can buy in 2022. Also you can see some hijab outfit ideas that are stunning. Not only are these styles trending and in fashion in 2022, but you can also easily buy them wherever you may be, thanks to the worldwide shipping offered by all the sites. So, be it any occasion or a casual everyday look, we got you covered. Pick your favorite simple party or both open Abayas before it gets sold out. As we mentioned earlier, these are selling like hotcakes. HAPPY SHOPPING!!