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Going swimming in public pools or beaches has always been a problem for Muslim women. We bring to list of top 10 affordable modest swimwear that will make you stand out and keep your belief intact. And what’s amazing is you can order these from the comfort of your homes.

Summers are here. Finally!! With most of last year gone because of the pandemic we now understand the importance of some sports and outdoor fun in our lives. We return to the beaches after on and off lockdowns, we want to soak in the sun and try to make the best of the outdoor time but then we stumble upon the problem of what to wear on the beach that’s modest and Muslimah friendly. That won’t hinder our swimming and time on the beach.

Getting any kind of swimwear is really easy.

But when you are looking for some modest swimwear, there arises the problem of looking glamorous and modest at the same time.

But you don’t have to panic as we got you covered. Thanks to the global market today and ease of shipping worldwide, some cute and glamorous modest swimwear collection are easily available. This swimwear is best for Muslim women and any women who want to opt for full coverage while swimming.

What is modest swimwear?

Let’s first understand what we even mean by being modest. Modesty is a choice, be it for Muslims or any other woman. Modesty in its truest form is a choice that empowers women. So, modest swimwear caters to the needs of women who want to dress modestly. It facilitates such women to swim in a way they feel comfortable in. In a swimwear suited to their needs.

Modest swimwear gives women the freedom to try out swimming by not compromising on their beliefs and cultures and to enjoy the water. Apart from helping align women with their beliefs, modest swimwear has the following advantages.

Protection from the sun:

Beaches and swimming pools are the places where we get exposed to the sun the most. This also means that we get exposed to UV or Ultraviolet light; exposure to this radiation causes burns and damage to living tissues.

Modest swimwear offers excellent protection against these harmful UV rays of the sun. Most of the modest swimwear listed in this article use material that provides protection against UV rays.


Accidental malfunctions of skimpier swimsuits are a very common sight on beaches and pools. And these also prevent you from enjoying activities you love, like beach volleyball; most women complain about how their swimwear was not staying in place and preventing them from enjoying doing what they like best.

Modest swimwear helps women to be themselves and not worry about these slip-ups.

They provide tie-ups under the clothes that help keep the swimsuit to stain place underwater. They are made of materials that dry up quickly, so you don’t even have to worry about the fabric sticking onto your skin all the time.

Staying true to one’s belief and culture:

No two people are the same. No two people have the same comfort level or enjoy the same type of clothes. As varied and different we are and so are our choices and beliefs.

It’s time we consider including people’s beliefs in fashion and work accordingly. Everyone may pursue their beliefs and still enjoy doing what they like.

Modest swimwear gives a chance to women to stick to their beliefs and still consider swimming as a hobby or even as a profession.

It allows women to enjoy the waters and still be content with not compromising on their beliefs.

Where can I find modest swimwear?

This definitely would have been the most common question for many women who choose to dress modestly but not anymore. Just like our previous post on trending modest clothing, we got you covered. Here is a list of brands making a mark in modest swimwear this summer.

Lyra Swimwear:

Lyra is the revolution in modest swimwear. It was created by a woman who struggled to find decent, modest swimwear and had to DIY with old oversized shirts and leggings looking entirely out of place. Hmmm …Now, how many of us can relate to that?

Getting really frustrated with not finding what she really wants she started her own range of swimwear that reflected her style, belief, and philosophy. Lyra was launched in December 2016, and it hasn’t looked back ever since.

Their swimsuits are light, dries faster, and are made from premium quality Italian carvico fabric that provides excellent UV protection. They come as a complete three-piece set or separates, including long-sleeve tops, leggings, hijab, or tops with hoodies that you can style according to your choice.

It has also launched a Lyra swims campaign where they tell the story of women who exercise through swimming. It has featured many of its designs in Vogue, Harpers Bazar, and the Guardian.

They provide a vast range of modest swimwear, including the latest summer 2021 collection, premium collection ,and swimming accessories. If you are a big fan of pastels and prints to check out the latest new addition to this  range  of modest swimwear.

The Sofia series is one of my personal favorites in this swimwear, its inspired by surf suits and the detailing is highly feminine. These suits come with a zipper top and a detachable skirt providing more coverage with an ankle length detailing. The urban is a personal choice you want to go with but it has a cute bow detailing to it. Available in sizes from small to XXXL


This modest swimwear brand was started by a Moroccan woman as a result of her struggles to find fashionable modest swimwear and be modest at the same time.

This swimwear is designed with a modern personal touch woven with high-grade handmade fabrics.

Its knee-length skirt is one excellent quality of this swimwear. It provides an elegant look and prevents the swimsuit from hugging the body when wet. The ruffles up the sleeve give the swimwear the much-needed chic and glam-up look.

 Each design is available in a range of three different colors.

It’s the only swimwear that offers a similar design even for young girls. So, this an excellent brand if you want to twin up with your little one. Provides worldwide shipping. Their latest collection Nawfer collection for mom and kids is an amazing way to twine up with your little girl. The collection comes in 3 prominent colors like black, navy blue and olive green. It has a a unique honey comb pattern that allows it dry quickly. The matching turban with a bow provides it an excellent feminine look both for you and your little one.

This brand ensures you make some high fashion statement with your choice of modest swim wear without compromising on creating memories with your little girl.


This brand was started by 2018 two women who found it difficult to find swimwear that provided them with complete coverage without compromising on style, quality, or comfort.

They provide swimwear made up of ultra-high-quality fabric mix of nylon and spandex, offering SPF 50+sun protection and extremely lightweight to ensure easy swimming. They also offer swim turbans and swimwear, which is an excellent, fashionable option for hijabi women as it provides complete coverage and comfort.

They have a large collection of swim suits which is available for every age and every size. Lanuuk stands out for the latest trending collection of swim wear from all the brands. It was created to provide an alternate swim wear option to women of all ages and body size

This year it has come up with a varied collection of modest swim wear. Each collection is unique and crafted for women who would love to see variety in their swim wear too. Do check out this amazing collection:Mira, Taali,Lula,Diana, Maya.

But one collection that is selling like hot cakes is the Serena collection. It’s the bestselling one-piece swim suit of this brand. It comes with a peplum detailing which gives you an illusion of loose fit. The sleeves are capped and the double layer peplum detail drops down to your thighs.

Itys a unique one-piece swim suit that is fashionable, modest with a feminine touch all packed in one single swim suit. Its available in two amazing colors of burgundy and black.


Talking of modest clothing and not mentioning Modanisa well that’s definitely not possible. Modanisa is widely popular for its long flowy dresses, which give an elegant look. It has a massive assortment of swimwear. It provides a wide range of colors, pattern cuts which would suit anyone’s personal taste. And the amazing fact about this swimsuit they are really affordable. They also come in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for every size.

The latest modest swimwear from Modanisa that is grabbing eyeballs is Mayo Bella. This collection provides full coverage, the top is long enough to drop down till your knees. These are not figure hugging even the leggings are not slim fit that ultimately gives you a free look. The polyester fire provides good amount of strength and durability, its light in weight and dries up quickly. The print detail is one that will definitely, make you stand out from the rest of the swimsuits. What’s more!! You can get one right now as it gets shipped in 24 hours. So, hurry!!!!

( A point to be noted is that it does not provide UV protection like other above brands)


This basically is not a swimwear collection but they offer long swim tunics that can be matched up with different leggings. You probably have to mix and match the tunics and bottoms according to your style and personal level of modesty.

The tunics are made up of light weight material that dry up quickly and do not drag on being wet. They also provide excellent UV protection.

They offer a wide array   of choices for tops and bottoms along with a number of swimming accessories like the water proof Hijab, sarong skirt, beach trousers.


So, this brand obviously is purely for ones who want to choose swimming as a profession. These swimsuits are designed for athletes. As with Nikes most products, this is mostly on the expensive side.

But for someone who really has a passion for swimming and wants to compete, it’s a must-have. As Hijabi women rarely take up swimming professionally, this initiative of Nike may pull in many women who have the desire to be part of professional swimming but hold themselves back on account of the lack of proper clothing.

 This initiative will help such women to come forward and pursue their dreams without compromising on their beliefs.

The special features include fitted cuffs and mesh vents that prevent ballooning and dragging of the fabric while in water. It comes with an attached hood which is excellent for hijab-wearing athletes.

It’s pricey, but for someone who wants to have a modest swimsuit just for casual swimming, there are other options to choose from.

Check out Nikes victory collection over here.

East essence:

If you are looking for modest swimwear with prints, east essence provides you with a whole range of printed modest swimwear with a lot of varied colors. The skirts are a bit flared up, which offers good coverage. It’s mostly a three-piece suit that includes front zipped top leggings and a hijab cap to cover the hair.

The collection meets even the needs of women who need plus size swim wear. The plus size swim wear too has amazing prints and colors to offer.

But what stands out from this year’s collection of Eastessence swim wear is its collection of UV resistant beach wear Abaya. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy swimming on the beach but would just love to soak in the sun with the waves crashing on your feet than this trendy abaya will give you the ultimate glam up look for your holiday.

It’s a mixture of white and light colors that give a cooling effect on eyes.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be trendy and would love to stand out from the rest on the beach.

My Batua:

If you are looking for a plain burkini that would just help you to venture out in a public pool, then this one for you. Unlike other brands, these don’t come in fancy colors and eye-catching prints but are good enough for casual swimming or a visit to a nearby pool. It is a two-piece suit with leggings and a top (which comes with or without the hood).

The top is usually a knee-length tunic-type outfit that mostly comes with a hood, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your hijab while in water. The unique fabric of the top doesn’t stick to your body, and whether it’s wet or dry, the material is always light to carry.

Mostly these are available in black color as the brand believes black conceals better.

If you are someone who just wants to get in your neighborhood swimming pool and do some casual swimming, this burkini meets the purpose.

Plus size swim suits which are minimalistic, simple, modest and yet trendy.

Yeesam (Amazon):

If you are looking for swimwear that is easily affordable and accessible, what better way to search than on amazon. Yeesam brand of modest swimwear are readily available from any country on Amazon. This brand was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong as a professional modest swimwear brand. They have a wide range of vibrant colors, styles, patterns, and sizes to suit individual styles.

These swimsuits are 3-piece suits with an attached hood that acts as a hijab. They are both stylish and modest. The materials are of high quality that dries up quickly, and provides good UV protection too. This helps you to swim and transit immediately to the next action on the beach.

They are available in different sizes XL, XXL and also are available for kids.

These swimsuits provide you with a loose fitting for both the top and bottom. The top is knee length long with a zipper that helps you to easily put it off and on. Available in seven different  colors.If your looking for a minimalistic, trending, affordable modest swim wear that this is your best option.


Mayovera is an exclusive designer collection for modest swim wear. It provides an amazing collection of swim wear that are high on fashion statement. These are available in a wide range of colors and contrasting prints. The designs and patterns are completely unique meeting the basic needs of modesty but still standing out from the rest.

The stunning design swimsuit from its collection as you might have guessed from the name has a stunning design that you won’t be finding any time soon. It’s a total of 5-piece swim suit, with puffed up sleeves top and slim fit black lycra legging.

And yes, puffed up sleeves is the trending modest fashion of 2021, isn’t it amazing that you can carry it to the beach and pool too. Another most amazing aspect of this swimsuit is that it comes with a neatly designed bonnet with big lace up neck too which will help end your search for a water friendly hijab. This design is available for all sizes.


With so many options available, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your time at the beach or pool and still be your modest self. After a year-long of lockdowns, we all now well know the value of outdoor fun. So, grab the best modest swimwear that suits you and make most of the sunny outdoor time. (Yes, most notably following any COVID protocol of your given country)